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These videos posted on Instagram show how a couple tries out a dog translator app so they can communicate with their dogs and their reactions are quite amusing.

Internet videos that show how pet dogs and humans bond with each other in a very special yet hilarious way are always quite fun to watch. These are the videos that show the cute relationship between dogs and their humans in a short time, which is quite enjoyable for netizens. These videos are quite similar and were posted on Instagram on the page dedicated to these cute little huskies named Skye and Copper.

In the first Instagram Reels video, we can see how a woman can be seen talking to the dog named Skye. She first speaks into the dog translator app which records what she said before tapping on another option. This option guarantees, in a way, to “translate” what it says in doggo language. She asks the dog to give her paw in her hand and holds it out until the translation app is done talking. At the end of the video, we can see that the dog has simply put its paw in the woman’s hand and she is delighted.

Watch the video of the cute dog here:

The video was posted on February 19 and has gone viral of sorts as it garnered over 1.3 million views and counting. He also received various comments from dog lovers on the app, such as “Elegance! Haha!” Another comment read, “Skye: She’s a little confused but she’s got her mind, there you go.”

The next video posted on this Instagram page shows how the other dog behaves when the man, or this woman’s husband, does the same. He asks the other dog named Copper to be quiet for a moment but the dog seems to answer him in the negative! The dog continues to bark adorably until the end of the video and the man can barely contain his laughter because of it. The caption for the dog’s video reads, “Nobody telling Copper to shut up.”

Watch the viral video here:

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