Bahasa Indonesian Translator – New Naratif

Editorial Service, New Narative

Position: Bahasa Indonesian Translator (BIT)

Business hours: full time, 40h/week

Salary offered: $750/month

Location: Online/digital in any of the eleven Southeast Asian countries

Pertaining to: Editorial Manager (EM); in the absence of an EM, the position reports to the Managing Director (MD)

Peers: Administrators (in all departments).

Part of: Editorial team

Qualifications: As a Southeast Asian candidate (preferred), BIT must have native-level ability in Bahasa Indonesian (spoken and written) and proficiency in English. BIT must have at least 1-2 years of experience in translation from English to Bahasa Indonesian and vice versa.

Travel required: None

Type of Contract: Annual contracts issued from April 1 to March 31 (renewable annually, depending on performance and available funding)

The New Narative is a movement for democracy in Southeast Asia. We publish information, build communities and empower people to create positive change. Learn more about us

While we publish news, New Naratif functions more as a hybrid of a creative storytelling studio, community organizer and mobilizer, and think tank, rather than a pure media operation.

New Naratif’s editorial department is responsible for all of the organization’s top-tier media and journalistic content. However, maintaining the quality of the content is not its only goal. Rather, the department should work with the departments of research, civic engagement, and community to ensure that all outcomes align to serve the primary purpose: to engage, educate, and empower South Asians. East.

Making information accessible is a fundamental goal of New Naratif. To do this, New Naratif is committed to publishing information in Southeast Asian languages, starting with Bahasa Indonesia. You will be responsible for translating all New Naratif output between English and Bahasa Indonesian, starting with making our website fully bilingual. Daily work may include direct translation of written articles, comics, and podcast transcripts; add subtitles to videos; and facilitate interviews. As such, you need to think deeply about what makes a good translation and what makes the information accessible: are you translating literally? Do you substitute metaphors and analogies? Do you change the structure or flow of the text to make it more logical to Indonesian readers? These are all crucial questions that make translation difficult.

Although you work mainly on the translation, you would be a full member of the team and will be able to give your opinion and your contribution on all of our work. This includes our research, publications and events. You would be able to engage and fully participate in New Naratif’s wide range of democracy promotion activities across Southeast Asia.

This position would suit someone with a storyteller’s heart and is great for bridging worlds. You should have a considerable understanding of Bahasa Indonesia and its usage, along with a good command of English. You must also have a strong awareness of structural oppression, social justice, and sensitivity to language use in relation to marginalized groups in Southeast Asia.

what you gonna do

As BIT, your primary goal is to ensure the quality and accessibility of all English to Bahasa Indonesian translations in New Naratif. Responsibilities include:

  1. Participate in New Naratif meetings as needed;
  2. Under the supervision of the Editorial Manager, translate all New Naratif content from English to Bahasa Indonesian, and vice versa.
  3. Collaborate with the New Naratif team to publish articles in Bahasa Indonesian that contribute to New Naratif thematic campaigns, Sekolah Democracy, Democracy Classes and other events and campaigns as needed;
  4. Help community service with any social media inquiries (DMs, replies, comments) in Bahasa Indonesia
  5. Document New Naratif’s workflow and editorial processes for Bahasa Indonesian translations;
  6. Work with the Community Department to market and promote works published in Bahasa Indonesia.
  7. Comment and provide feedback on all New Naratif releases related to your area of ​​expertise; and
  8. Contribute to the implementation of the New Naratif strategy within your country/region team.

What you won’t do

  • You will not be expected to produce original content or make edits.
  • You will not create or formulate a strategy. Instead, the editorial manager will define the strategy and you will help execute it.
  • You will not work alone. This is a collaborative role with the rest of the editorial team.

What we are looking for

Strong candidates will have the following abilities:

Storytelling skills. Translators have the difficult task of connecting the worlds by translating meaning, not just words. You are passionate about telling stories in Bahasa Indonesian and making information accessible to Indonesian speakers and readers. You understand that Bahasa Indonesia, like English, is not a monolith but a broad umbrella that brings together many local dialects and you want to think about how to reach them all. You want people to go beyond reading the words to get to the heart of the matter. You are sensitive to accessibility issues and you will do your best to ensure that we meet the needs of people with disabilities and the diverse identities that populate our archipelago.

Tell us how you connect linguistic worlds.

Team work. New Naratif does not have an office. We are all working remotely. We are all passionate and deeply principled. We aspire to a high level of moral values. We are here to model best practices as a transparent, ethical and progressive organization. We will ask you all this and hold you accountable.

Tell us about your online collaboration experience.

Empathy for the marginalized and voiceless in Southeast Asia. First and foremost, New Naratif is a platform for the people of Southeast Asia to imagine and then create a better Southeast Asia. You have to love and understand this region and its history, in all its complexity and diversity. You must be ready to learn, explore and grow alongside this region. This means that you must look beyond the boundaries and limitations that are currently imposed on us. We want your experience of living in a Southeast Asian country, your connectivity to communities, to hear about daily local experiences, concerns and challenges that are reflected in your work and the results you oversee.

What does Southeast Asia represent for you?

Application process

If you are up for the challenge of building capacity for change in Southeast Asia, please email jobs AT with your CV, a cover letter answering the above questions and at least two examples of your translation work. Please provide the names and contact information for two character referees.

Shortlisted candidates will have 2 rounds of interview. We expect the process to take about a month. Following your appointment, you will undergo a trial period of three months.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Therefore, we encourage you to submit an application as soon as possible, as the process may end once we believe a sufficient number of applications are received or a suitable candidate has been found.

More information

This is a junior position, which means you will be given clearly defined tasks and responsibilities and will report to the Editorial Manager as the head of your department.

  • You must be responsible, communicate and collaborate well online and be willing to work from home or your own location as long as you are digitally connected to your team and provide the necessary remote supervision and ensure the work schedule is fluid and uninterrupted.
  • We mainly collaborate using WordPress, Google Workspace, Wire and Trello.

Benefits include

  • 28 days of personal leave per year
  • 12 days of statutory holidays per year (which can be taken on any statutory or religious holiday of your choice), and
  • 1 company-paid mental health therapy session per month.

The new Naratif contracts are governed by UK law, on an advisory basis, and are generally for one year, renewable at the end of each financial year (31 March).

New Naratif is a private, not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, registered in the UK and Malaysia, and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur.

We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace for all employees, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity or disability.

We have a strong preference for Southeast Asians who have personal experience and understand that they are marginalized and oppressed.