Bosnian translation agency celebrates a decade of customer service

The Burbank-based translation services agency provides language interpreting services around the clock. Professional and experienced linguists are selected for their applicable industry knowledge.

Cal Interpreting & Translations is pleased to announce that the Bosnian translation firm has built a client base consisting of school systems, government entities, technology companies, law firms, medical organizations and many other customers. Translation services include criminal, civil, engineering, labor disputes, employee meetings, patent cases, immigration, etc. Although the company is based in Los Angeles, Cal Interpreting provides comprehensive Bosnian language services around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Translators and interpreters are native Bosnian speakers. They have been certified, screened, field tested and provided with credentials. English to Bosnian translation experts have kept abreast of developments in the Bosnian and English languages, using methods such as travel, conferences and conferences. Bosnian language translators and interpreters have a thorough understanding of the Bosnian language as well as the history and culture of the Bosnian people. Professionals are able to provide comprehensive and informed translation and interpretation.

Certified and experienced CIT interpreters can translate simple sentences or words and the results are certified. Text translation can relate to unofficial and official documents. Translating documents between Bosnian and English is one of the most common CIT services. An English translator or a team of English interpreters is available to meet the language translation needs of documents.

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About 2.2 million people speak Bosnian. The language is spoken mainly in Herzegovina and Bosnia. It is a South Slavic language. Machine translation is available through advanced apps and technologies, but these machine translation software often miss the nuances or meaning of Bosnian and English words. This may be acceptable if the reason for the translation is curiosity. Officially translated documents require a translator who can translate English and translate Bosnian with equal proficiency.

About the company:

Cal Interpreting & Translations (CIT) has accumulated more than ten years of experience in the field of interpretation and translation. The network of linguists today numbers more than 2000. They understand and master the nuances of the English and Bosnian languages.

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