Brittney Griner: the translator relayed partial answers

Brittney Griner testified in her own defense during her ongoing drug possession trial in Khimki, Russia on Wednesday.

Griner said he was told to sign documents without any explanation and that a language interpreter passed on only part of his detailed answers during questioning after his arrest at a Moscow airport in February.

A WNBA All-Star with the Mercury, Griner was in Russia playing professional women’s basketball during her offseason with Phoenix.

Griner previously revealed that the vape cartridges in his luggage that prompted the questioning contained cannabis oil.

Authorities who interviewed Griner did not explain the charges or accept the circumstances of her trip, she said Wednesday, while denying access to a lawyer or explaining what was described in the documents she said. she had to sign. Eventually, Griner said, she only had access to an attorney long enough to turn over all personal items in her possession.

Wednesday was the sixth court session in the case, which began on July 1. Russian authorities have extended Griner’s detention until mid-December.

Court cases in Russia are largely a formality with acquittals unlikely and subject to government approval. Most acquittals in Russia are overturned.

US officials, including President Joe Biden, continue to suggest the country is focused on getting Griner back from Russia. But relations between the countries have been strained since the start of the invasion of Ukraine.