Check out “AskEdith”: an AI-powered English to SQL translator that lets you work with databases and spreadsheets

Have you ever wished you could “just get the answer” when viewing an Excel sheet? Or that you could see your database structure without having to “Select From”? In today’s economy, the effective and efficient use of data is essential. In many cases, our otherwise efficient lives are slowed down by the friction of the data tools we use. Data literacy has recently become essential for the vast majority of office jobs and has significantly influenced the use of personal computers. So what are you doing? Automation in a nutshell. Automation has been the biggest impact on reducing costs and expanding accessibility. This is evident in various manufactured goods, including clothing, electronics, and agriculture. It has helped hundreds of millions escape poverty and is arguably capitalism’s most remarkable creation.

At, researchers want to make intelligent decision-making more accessible, reduce the cost of data analysis, and enable anyone to quickly understand and use their data. claims to give answers when you need them through a fully automated data workflow, allowing you to focus on the essentials. It also claims that it can locate the most relevant data tables via semantic search. Then, Edith converts the English statements and queries to ANSI SQL using the state-of-the-art natural language artificial intelligence of GPT-3.


Depending on the organization, AskEdith can get immediate answers to questions about your data. You can use the SQL editor to customize more complex questions. You can instantly receive clear answers.

  • Immediate visual feedback

You will receive a series of graphs from AskEdith immediately highlighting the most intriguing and vital information in your queries. Instead of wasting time deciding what to do, Edith comes up with the idea. It quickly creates relevant graphs and also gives ideas for exploratory data analysis.

Sharing the information you have gathered with the rest of your team is made possible through AskEdith. Putting in the information needed to answer questions in a timely manner can reduce hostility between teams. Communicating crucial information quickly and copying projects to customize them for any individual or group are features available as well, as AskEdith claims.

AskEdith projects are meant to be designed to be accessible to everyone. No prior understanding of the data or expertise is required. Ask Edith instead of going back and forth between the team and the analyst. It’s as easy as clicking on a saved query to get an answer. Each project can be as narrowly focused or as broad as you want. There are built-in solutions to other questions.

The organization’s goal is to make data more accessible to those who are not analysts and to boost the efficiency of data teams that are currently lagging behind.



Amreen Bawa is an intern consultant at MarktechPost. Apart from pursuing Honors degree in Social Sciences at Panjab University, Chandigarh, she is also an avid learner and writer, with particular interest in the application and scope of Artificial Intelligence in various facets. of life.