Daisy Rockwell did an amazing job

What I sincerely hope is that ‘Tomb of Sand’ brings change for translators. I hope people start giving translators the same weight and respect as writers. As a translator myself, I feel it is more difficult to translate. When you write, you have your own thoughts and ideas and no outside force affects you. But when translating, you have to keep your own understanding of the text aside and do justice to what the author has written. That said, Daisy Rockwell has done a phenomenal job. It shows that she is well versed in Hindi, culture, time, place, periphery and our history as well.

There is a totally unnecessary controversy going on with many people saying that ‘Ret Samadhi’ is an “unreadable” book, which I don’t understand. You can critique the book, have discussions about it, but how can you label a book “unreadable”? And that too when it has just won an international prize and is hailed around the world as a fine representation of our literature?

The book is not written in the “regular” language and it does not follow the grammatical order of Hindi, but that is the writer’s craft. So, it’s a bit complicated, and it can take time to grow on people, and I really believe that good things take time.