Expand your knowledge base with this text-to-speech reader and translator pen

The world is full of libraries, which are full of books, which are full of pages, which are full of words. This fact is as exciting as it is overwhelming. If you live with dyslexia, reading difficulties, learning disabilities or vision loss, written text is not always accessible. Open up new knowledge opportunities with the NEWYES Scan Reader: Text-to-Speech, OCR, Multilingual Instant Translator Pen. Get an extra 20% off our Cyber ​​Week Sale using code CYBER20.

This scanner and translator is designed for avid readers and for people who struggle with written text. Just because the written words are hard to see or read doesn’t mean you should miss out on the information in books, articles, and documents. Make reading more accessible and engaging with this smart scanner and reader.

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Use this device to help you read and retain information for school, work or fun. It can capture quotes by scanning them and transferring them to your computer. Record audio to review later with the pen’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

The NEWYES Scan Reader is designed to translate 112 languages ​​from text to voice. It recognizes 3,000 characters per minute and translates in 0.3 seconds with 98% accuracy. All you have to do to use it is select a language and drag the pen over the text. It will then display the translation or read it to you aloud with a human-sounding digital voice.

NEWYES is a Kickstarter-funded company on a mission to change the way people read and learn. This pen has an average of 4.6 out of 5 star reviews from users around the world.

Let the NEWYES Scan Reader: Text-to-Speech, OCR, Multilingual Instant Translator Pen be your ticket to read more and retain more information, no matter what language or format something is written in. It’s on sale for $119.99 in our Cyber ​​Week Sale when you use the code CYBER20.

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