Expert translator Aleksandre Kartozia receives Germany’s Order of Merit

Georgian scholar and expert translator Aleksandre Kartozia has been awarded Germany’s Order of Merit, with President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s honor revealed on Wednesday.

Recognized for his contribution to the maintenance and enrichment of the dialogue between the literary circles of the two countries, Kartozia will be presented with the prize on Thursday by the German ambassador to Georgia Hubert Knirsch in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, announced the German Embassy.

He also noted that Kartozia, as a politically active scholar and translator, had made a “decisive contribution” to the deepening of German-Georgian cultural relations, highlighting his continuous work for the benefit of the process.

His extraordinary efforts, also as [a former] Georgian Minister of Education, have made a significant contribution to ensuring that the German language continues to occupy a special position in the world of Georgian education,” the embassy said.

The diplomatic office also noted the importance of Kartozia’s role as an interpreter in high-ranking political talks of political importance for Germany, adding that her research activities and her lectures had enabled the language, Georgian culture and history to be better known in the country.

Head of the German-Georgian translation workshop since 2011, Kartozia is also president of the association of former Humboldt scholars and organizer of international meetings since 2017.