German translator breaks down while reporting Ukrainian President Zelensky’s speech

As the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its fifth day, Ukrainians have continued to flee the country or seek refuge in bomb shelters and metro stations. Heartbreaking visuals of the war-torn country are widely shared on the internet, leading to protests in many regions against the incursion. While the invasion is obviously taking its toll on Ukrainians, others have also been affected watching their plight. A recent video that has made the rounds on social media shows the difficult voice of a German translator as the journalist translated a speech by the Ukrainian president. The translator can be heard controlling their tears.

The interpreter, who has not been named, was translating Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech for German news channel Welt TV. In the 23-second clip, Zelenskyy provided an update on the situation in Ukraine as Russian troops advanced through the country.

In the video, the journalist can be heard translating the first part of the president’s speech saying, “Russia is on the wrong path, Russia must lose its voice in the UN.” As she moves on to the next sentence and says “Ukraine, we really know that”, her voice starts to crack and she pauses.

However, after pulling herself together, she resumes translating the speech and says “what we stand for”, before being overwhelmed again and struggling to keep up. After taking a pause and a deep breath, the translator simply says “sorry” and before the mic goes silent.

Shared on Twitter, the video prompted users to express their anguish over the ongoing war in the comments section while others even expressed concern. “The only word I recognized her saying was her apology at the end and all I want to do is reach out and give her a hug,” one user said. Meanwhile, another user claimed that he too was moved by Zelenskyy’s speech as the performer. “I was also moved by a rallying speech from President Zelenskyy yesterday,” the user wrote.

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