Get One of These Translating Devices to Make Communication Easier When Traveling Abroad

Some people remain convinced that the best way to deal with speaking a foreign language is to simply raise your voice and repeat your words. In reality, it does little more than give the impression that these people are ignorant. And while trying to learn a foreign language for a two-week vacation might seem like a bit of a stretch, being able to spout out a few common phrases helps travelers feel more at ease. Plus, it often helps interactions become less awkward for all parties involved. After all, it’s important to try to speak the local language even if it’s just to say hello and goodbye.

Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to learn an entire language before your next vacation. Modern technology has overcome the language barrier with smart devices that can translate in seconds. Whether you’re in an important business meeting with foreign clients, in a restaurant ordering your dinner, or even on a date with someone who doesn’t speak English, these translation devices provide near-instant translation. and often speak dozens of languages, meaning you can use these devices on all your vacations around the world.

Why should you use a translation device

There is a common misconception that “everyone in the world speaks English”. Of course, while English is a global language, many tourists quickly discover once you get away from the heavily populated tourist spots, the English-speaking crowd quickly dwindles. And knowing a few key phrases might not be enough. Especially when emergency situations arise abroad.

True story: I was in Thailand and rented a scooter to go from Chang Mai to Pai. On the way back, my scooter broke down. We left him and I rode back to town on the back of my friend’s scooter. The rental companies working when I returned didn’t speak English and wouldn’t return our passports without the scooter, and we were leaving for the Philippines the next day. Things finally worked out after looking around town for someone who spoke both Thai and English and was willing to help out two complete strangers (at a hefty fee). But if I had a translation device, the whole process could have taken much less time and would have been much less urgent. We lost an entire day of travel due to the ice breakup.

The latest technologies like Google Pixel Buds or iPhone 13 with iOS 15 can help you quickly translate from one language to another. Depending on the device, these can translate spoken and written words completely covering your bases when traveling. You can basically overcome the language barrier with one of these devices.

We’ve put together a selection of the best translation devices available online and reviewed them below. They are perfect for all kinds of exchanges at home and abroad and are sure to help you in a number of situations that would otherwise be a little tricky. The majority of them require an internet connection of some form to work, whether that’s through your phone or a local Wi-Fi connection, but they’re all designed to be used on the go.

Invest in one of these devices and say goodbye to awkward and confusing exchanges while ensuring you get the most out of your visit to a foreign country.

1. Google Pixel Buds A-series

If you want an affordable pair of Android wireless headphones, this is a great option, but for travel, this can be your saving grace. When paired with the Google Translate app, a foreign language speaker can speak into your phone and you’ll hear the translation in your preferred language through your headphones. It also works the other way around. You can press and hold your earbud and say, “Hey Google, help me speak Spanish,” for example, and you can talk. The app will transcribe what you say in Spanish and you can show the text to someone.

Google Pixel Buds A-series

Google Pixel Buds A-series

Buy: Google Pixel Buds A-series $99.99

2. iPhone 13 (iOS 15)

There is a translation app available on newer iOS 15 devices like iPhone 13 that allows you to instantly transcribe text into another language. Let’s say you’re walking down a narrow street in downtown Milan and wondering what a sign outside a local cafe says. You can hold your camera in front of the sign using the translate app and the text in another language will change from the foreign language to the language of your choice. This is especially useful when you are in a restaurant and the menu is in a different language.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13

Buy: iPhone 13 (iOS 15) $799.00

3. Pockettalk Model S Real-Time Two-Way Translator

This handheld translator device is about the size of your cell phone assuming you don’t have a giant sized phone. It hosts the ability to translate between 82 different languages ​​and transcribes speech to text, so you can speak into the device, hand it to the individual to listen and speak and give back. Pretty simple, huh. But it can also translate text or signs using a handy on-device camera. Our SPY team went in depth with this translator and really enjoyed our experience.

Pockettalk Model S Two-Way Real-Time Translator

Pockettalk Model S Two-Way Real-Time Translator

Buy: Pockettalk Model S Two-Way Real-Time Translator $249.00

4. Langogo Genesis 2-1 AI Translator

There are lots of great features present in the Langogo Translator device. For starters, it has self-learning AI, which means the more you use it, the more vocabulary it learns and the more accurate it becomes. This does not mean that it is not good at the start, quite the contrary. He knows and can translate between 102 different languages. But it is also more than a translator. It can also act as a mobile hotspot, which can save your life when you are abroad.

Langogo Genesis 2-1 AI Translator

Langogo Genesis 2-1 AI Translator

Buy: Langogo Genesis 2-1 AI Translator $229.99

5. Cedita language translation device


While translating between 55 different spoken (online) languages ​​and 15 different written languages ​​isn’t as robust as translators like Langogo, the noise-canceling microphone helps set this translation device apart from others. With four noise-canceling microphones, it helps isolate the voice it translates. This can be exceptionally useful when trying to talk to someone next to a busy road or in the middle of a fair or market. The screen is also a large 3.1-inch panel that reverses so you can hold it quickly and the other person can read it.

Correct voice language translation device

Correct voice language translation device

Buy: Alcorrect Voice Language Translator Device $279.00

6. Lincom language translation device

With over 138 ratings and 4.7 stars on Amazon, it’s one of the most reliable and accurate translators you’ll find online. It translates 107 different languages ​​and recognizes 43 for photo translation. The translator is also moderately priced at around $100. If you are going abroad, this is a good choice for your translation needs.

Lincom language translation device

Lincom language translation device

Buy: Lincom Language Translator $99.79

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