Google 2022: how to use the translator correctly

Lima, February 15, 2022Updated on 02/15/2022 01:22

On more than one occasion, the translator google It got us out of trouble when we needed to translate a word into English or any language. Of course, this tool can be found anyway on any digital platform. To do this, we have prepared a note that you should not miss if you need to translate a word that is difficult to translate.


Follow the steps below so you can instantly translate the phrase or word you need.

  • Type or paste the text that we want to translate to get an instant translation.
  • use the microphone computer to record us and translate what we say into another language.
  • translate documents complete (PDF, .doc, .txt, .xls, etc.)
  • Listen to the translation, copy it, share it and edit it (The latter will help Google’s AI improve translations.)
Google Translate (Photo: Capture)


If you plan to use your mobile to type the word into the Google translator, there are two ways to do it. First you need to enter your trusted browser and search for the app on Google Play and App Store platforms to download it. In this way it will be possible to have many functions in different ways.

Additionally, through your smartphones, you can access languages ​​found on the web, with the supplement you can download to your phone’s SIM card to translate offline.

So we review the added options, which you can find as icons just below the translation box. These are the following:

  • Camera: does not work in all languages, but its operation is interesting. Basically, it allows using the camera to focus on any text in another language (a sign, a fragment of a book, etc.) and overlay the translation on the same image, like if it was augmented reality. We can also “scan” the photo, which will mark the detected words that we can translate by passing our finger over them or doing the same thing, but uploading a photo from the gallery.
  • Writing: little more to add. Instead of typing using the keyboard, we can write by hand by drawing characters with our finger.
  • Conversation: as its name suggests, it is used to translate a conversation in real time. We choose the input and output languages, we speak in our language, the application translates it into the other language, displays it in text and plays it in the loudspeaker, our interlocutor speaks in his language, the app translates it into ours and reads it for us and shows it in text.
  • Voice: Same as talking, but for one person only. You just have to tell the Google translator what we want to translate and it will show us the translation in the language we choose.


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