Google will make it easier to use the translator on Android

google translator 1.jpg

The Google team presented one of the widgets for the Translator application which will soon be available on Android phones.

A new option that will make it easier to perform any translation if you need to open the app. We tell you what it is.

Google Translate will have a new widget on Android

A few months ago we learned of the possibility that Google Translate will add new widgets on Android. An option that has not yet been implemented on mobile phones.

However, that might change as soon as the Google team officially unveiled the new Translate widget on Android. As you can see in the image, unlike the current widget, the new option will show you all available options without having to open the application.

If we look at the current widget, you will see that it only serves as a shortcut to start any translation in the application. Instead, the new widget shows you all the popular features for a translation, from dictation, using the camera, typing text to conversation mode.

And as you will see, a new option is added to work with the clipboard. This new integration will allow you to copy text from any app or chat and tap the clipboard icon to have the phrase translation automatically displayed.

In February, the arrival of two Google Translation widgets for Android was mentioned. In addition to the “Quick translations” widget, the other widget promised to facilitate access to the “Saved translations” section. However, there is no indication of this option, so we will have to wait to see if Google surprises with another proposal for Android.

The Google team also didn’t mention when this new widget will arrive, so we’ll have to wait to see that update.