How to make the emoji translator TikTok trend that swept the platform

TikTok users have jumped on the emoji translator trend and if you’re wondering how to do it, we’ve got all the details for you.

Over the years, the platform has spawned several trends and one of them is the emoji translator. Users love the idea of ​​giving emoji words and aren’t afraid to show it off.

This isn’t the first time people have jumped on this trend and it looks like 2022 is no different.

The trend of emoji translators is taking over the platform

The first time this trend became famous was in 2020. Users quickly translated some of their favorite words into emojis.

Following this, the trend returned to the platform in 2021. A similar pattern seems to appear in 2022 with some people hopping on the trend this year. To date, videos with “emoji translator” have been viewed over 4.5 million times.

How to make the trend

The trend of emoji translators is quite simple. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below:

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  1. Select an emoji translator app from the app store or the internet. The most famous among users is the emoji translator app available on Android. Meanwhile, others have used the emoji translation website on Google.
  2. Select the words or names you want to translate into emoji. Some of the popular ideas used on the platform include names of movies, cartoons, people, and others.
  3. When translating, be sure to record the screen.
  4. You can stitch the video together with a few photos of your choice or just use screen recording.
  5. Once done, publish the content to the platform.

Some other trends to try

There are several other trends that have become popular on the platform. Recently, the echo sound which denotes the tendency of memory, has attracted a lot of attention.

To participate, select the video you want to trend, click the “echo” option in the voice effects list. The voice in the video will then be echoed.

Another trend that can be tried is the photo taken by NASA when I was born. To do this, go to this website and enter your date of birth and month to see the image that appears.