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Reading your favorite manga “comics” in any language just got easier with PDNob manga Translator version 2.0.0

ROCHESTER, Minn., August 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — If you’re a comic book fanatic, you have to agree that artistic illustrations in Manga are not only attractive but also thrilling. This experience is short-lived, however, especially if you can’t read the foreign text in the bubbles. The good news is that PDNob Inc. has updated its flagship translation software; PDNob Manga Translator to allow readers to perform batch OCR on multiple Manga pages and save time with automatic translation into your native language, tackling the problem of manga translation.

“Manga comics are known for their incredibly rich stories of fantasy adventures, superheroes and monsters, but most people cut themselves off from the wonderful world of these foreign comics because they are not equipped with an application of manga translation and therefore don’t know how to translate manga,” says the CEO of PDNob Inc. “With our new version of PDNob Manga Translator 2.0.0, you don’t need to know any foreign languages ​​to read. can have all the pages of your favorite manga automatically translated into your native language and enjoy the experience. We hope this app will be your manga and anime comics translation app. Happy reading.”

See What’s new in PDNob
Translator 2.0.0:

What’s new?

  1. Improved batch screen manga translator function
    Now you can take multiple screenshots of your favorite manga or import image files, and have the best manga translation app automatically perform batch screen OCR on each page consecutively – and convert them to .txt, .doc and docx.
  2. Automatic translation when OCR is active
    Once batch OCR is complete, you can choose your preferred native language and have the text translated in seconds, depending on how many pages you have scanned.
  3. Rresult editor and export function of the comic translator is added
    In the editor, or just in the result viewer, you can edit OCR text in batches and export it to other editors in txt format., doc., or docx. file formats.

“PDNob has always had the incredible mission of connecting Manga and Anime fans across the world through our Manga Translator v2.0.0,” added the CEO of PDNob Inc.

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PDNob Image Translator is available for installation on Mac OS version 12.0 and newer, and Windows version 7 to 11.

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