Microsoft Translator adds Galician and Basque and commits to preserving endangered languages

Animal species are not the only ones to disappear nowadays; languages ​​are also dying. And that’s why Microsoft is committed to making Translator retain as much of it as possible. As such, expect more and more additions to come to Translator.

More recently, Galician and Basque have moved into service. In its announcement of the news, Microsoft included some trivia about the language pair for those who don’t know their origins: “Basque is an isolated language, which means it is not related to any other modern language. Basque is spoken in northern Spain and southern France in a region that straddles the Pyrenees.Galician is spoken in northern Portugal and western Spain.It is a narrowly Romance language. related to Portuguese.Both languages ​​are co-official languages ​​of Spain.

Not too long ago, Microsoft added Zulu and Somali as well. And in his latest announcement, he touted some of the endangered languages ​​he has helped preserve, including Maori, Inuktitut and Yucatec Maya.

The company has a form you can fill out here if you have a language to preserve.

The translator’s journey is not limited to adding and preserving languages. It also improves translations of what is already on its list with new and improved AI models developed by Microsoft to keep Azure Cognitive Services at the forefront of technology. This means that in the present and future, you can expect common languages ​​such as English and French to more accurately convert to each other.

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