Microsoft Translator adds new text-to-speech language switcher and regional accents on mobile

Microsoft has released a new update for the Translator app which brings some new features for iOS and Android users. The first new feature the company highlighted today is the ability to choose a specific region to hear the translation playback.

“Known as Speech Regions, you can now select the accent of the text-to-speech audio output you want to hear while using the app. For example, if you wanted to hear an English translation, you could select American, British, Australian or other accents,” the Microsoft Translator team explained.

The new text-to-speech regional accents should help travelers better communicate with locals by allowing them to play the translation in their native accent. It can also make it easier for learners to practice different phrases with a specific regional accent.

To try out the new Speech Regions feature, you will need to choose their preferred language and select the “Speech Region” option. Finally, select the region from the list, then choose a voice from the offers in the region.

In addition to text-to-speech regional accents, the Microsoft Translator app also received an updated language switcher. The tool helps users quickly discover all supported translation features for each language in the app.

These new features are available now in the latest version of Microsoft Translator available on Google Play Store and App Store. Let us know in the comments below if support for text-to-speech regional accents will make the translation tool more useful for you.

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