Microsoft’s updated Custom Translator portal is now available for public preview

Microsoft has announced the launch of its latest Custom Translator Portal in public preview. The new version provides a more intuitive experience to allow users to develop custom translation models efficiently. In addition to the new portal, the tech giant has also refined Custom Translator V2’s customization training pipeline based on feedback from early adopters.

Custom Translator allows users to create a translation system that represents their business, industry, and domain-specific terminology and style. This resource combines effectively with your existing apps, workflows, and websites. Users can access Custom Translator through Azure through the cloud-based Microsoft Text Translation API service.

Commenting on the custom translation system, Microsoft said:

A well-trained custom translation system provides more accurate domain-specific translations. Indeed, it relies on documents already translated in the field to learn the preferred translations. Translator uses these terms and expressions in context to produce fluent translations into the target language while respecting the contextual grammar.

The latest Custom Translator portal includes essential enhancements that allow you to easily create your custom translation system. Some of the changes in the new update include a guided UI/UX experience, embedded deep links for details, tooltips for quick information, and actionable error messages. Users can access the new Custom Translator portal here.