Poliglu Instant Translator Review: Two-Way Voice Translation That Works?

Traveling around the world is one of the best experiences for any person. However, a language barrier can have such a negative impact on your travel experience that you’ll be disappointed in the end, especially if it’s your first time in a foreign country. Nevertheless, people have to travel.

So how can you overcome the language barrier challenge? Well, some people opt for language lessons before their trip, but it takes time and money. Hiring a human translator is equally expensive and impractical. Even carrying around a pocket dictionary may not help you communicate in real time.

Fortunately, a new two-way instantaneous translation device is now available to help people overcome language barriers and communicate in real time in foreign languages. Named Poliglu, this device claims to support more than 30 languages. Keep reading this Poliglu review to learn more about this instant two-way electronic translator.

What is Poliglu?

Poliglu is a new gadget in the market which allows users to instantly understand foreign languages. According to the official website, the device is simple to use and users only need to press a button to get instant translation as long as they have internet access.

Made in Japan, this gadget has conquered the global market. Initially used by travelers, the gadget has recently caught the attention of many people including professionals as it comes in handy in multiple situations including business workshops and conferences.

With the Poliglu Instant Translator, users can translate more than 30 languages ​​with perfect sound quality in real time. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to use. In less than two seconds, users can get audible voice translations.

How does the Poliglu language translator work?

Poliglu uses the latest speech recognition technology and other software to record and interpret one language into another. This happens in just under two seconds. Above all, the device works with a mobile application that can be downloaded to a smartphone.

The app works well with Android and iOS. Also, users can sync the app with the device via Bluetooth. The app even displays the languages ​​supported by Poliglu. This allows users to select the languages ​​to or from which they wish to translate.

How it works? The device comes with a button (button A) to be pressed for the language chosen by the user and another button (button B) which is chosen as a foreign language. The user presses the A button when talking or the B button when the stranger is talking. In this process, Poliglu functions as a two-way translator.

The device includes other buttons for controlling volume and power. In addition, Poliglu has a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

Main Features of Poliglu Translator

According to the official website, here are the main features of the Poliglu two-way language translator:

  • Long-lasting battery lasts up to four days
  • Very accurate in recording, understanding and translating audio
  • Reacts faster in less than two seconds
  • Simple and smart design with few buttons but multiple functions
  • Pleasant sound, neither noisy nor annoying
  • Supports up to 36 languages ​​around the world
  • Small compact size fits well in pocket

Advantages and disadvantages of Poliglu

Like any other product, this two-way language translator has its share of pros and cons:


  • Works fast and is easy to use
  • High quality and portable
  • Supports bi-directional translation
  • High speed and precision
  • beautiful design
  • Affordable at 50% off

The inconvenients

  • The device must have a constant internet connection to function properly
  • The software may not work properly when there is a lot of noise and the user is far from the speaker

How much does Poliglu cost?

Poliglu is currently available on the official site at 50% discount per unit. According to the manufacturer, this is a limited offer. Pricing is as follows:

  • 1 unit of Poliglu Translator costs $89
  • 2 units of Poliglu Translator are $59 each + 1 unit free
  • 3 units of Poliglu Translator are $53 each + 2 units free

The manufacturer offers free shipping on every order.

Last word from Poliglu

Poliglu Translator is a brand new invention which aims to help users overcome the language barrier. Made in Japan, it allows users to communicate in over 36 languages ​​so they can have a conversation with almost anyone on the planet. Moreover, the device is portable and users can take it wherever they go.

It’s easy to set up in just 30 seconds. Most importantly, the device is affordable and currently available at a 50% discount. This makes it accessible to as many people as possible to help them communicate easily while traveling around the world.

Unlike when these communication devices were only used by world leaders, everyone can use Poliglu today. It embraces modern technology and is easy to use. Use this notice to start with your Poliglu translator.

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