Poliglu Review – Portable Voice Translator of Different Languages ​​or Scam?

Poliglu is a two-way, portable and fast language translator that helps you learn a new language in a more enjoyable and easier way. It can be used by people of all ages and walks of life and is a must-have for those who travel often. Traveling abroad can be a significant barrier to doing business or engaging in other activities that require communication in another language.

Poliglu was designed to bridge the chasm. Its features are a microphone for taking audio recordings, a speaker and several directional buttons. This device can translate between 36 and 40 languages ​​quickly and in real time. Those who use Poliglu will become fluent in any foreign language very quickly. Poliglu quickly translates and eliminates language barriers that often hinder good communication.

With the help of Bluetooth, people can link Poliglu to any other device roughly the size of an MP3 player and even a smartphone. Poliglu also offers an app that works with Android and iOS devices. Using the mobile application for smartphones, users have full control over this gadget. This is where you can choose from a selection of over 40 languages. The device’s built-in translator can also be used to switch between the languages ​​presented on the screen.

Selecting the native language after selecting the target language for Poliglu is as easy as choosing the appropriate instructions when using the Google Translate app. It could also be done differently if the user wants to translate a foreign language into their own. Poliglu is very simple to use, as it has a simple application. This gadget is also lightweight and portable.

How does PoliGlu work?

As an electronic translator that records and translates from one language to another using voice recognition technology or other software, Poliglu uses a smartphone app compatible with iOS and Android. Bluetooth can be used to connect this device’s app to another device.

In the PoliGlu app, users can choose the languages ​​they want to translate. If they are going to use the language they have chosen as their native language, they can do so by pressing the A or B button on their device. When looking to talk, they should press the A button. As soon as the stranger starts talking, they should hold down the B button. Therefore, Poliglu is called a two-way translator. Other buttons on the gadget are volume and power button. Despite its large battery capacity, Poliglu can be recharged at any time.

Poliglu also comes with a USB cable that works like a breeze for charging. This device is suitable for people of all ages, young and old. Considering its impressive list of capabilities, it might seem like a rocket science to use this product, but it only takes a few simple steps to make it work.

Use of PoliGlu

The use of the Poliglu online dictionary and rapid translation service is free for everyone. As mentioned, this device is lightweight and simple to use. It also has good battery life. There is no need to worry about its battery draining during a conversation. Many tourists have found Poliglu’s quick translation to be a lifesaver on their travels.

Poliglu Rapid Translator is a real boon for companies looking to expand internationally but lack the resources to do so by permanently employing translators.

Poliglu supports over 40 languages ​​and has a translation accuracy of over 95%. It’s incredible. To make things even easier, it can keep a note of the translated language in the phone’s mobile app.

What are the PoliGlu languages?

Poliglu offers a wide range of language choices to provide real-time translations, from English to French and Arabic to Portuguese or German.

Those planning a trip to a country where one of the device’s various languages ​​are spoken can use this handy gadget at any time. When someone speaks to them in a language they don’t understand, they can turn on the gadget’s speaker and have it record or translate the conversation into the language of their choice. This is how the PoliGlu device easily works.


PoliGlu Price

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A 30-day money-back guarantee backs Poliglu. Customer service is available for further information via:

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