Portfolio Seeking Translator / Proofreader


Who we are:

Portfolio.hu/en is one of the oldest English news portals in Hungary, created for our premium readership. Decision makers, politicians, businessmen, corporate executives can find out from you what the really important economic news in Hungary is. What you write for us really matters – it’s no coincidence that we strive for the best.


You would do the translation/proofreading of the English Portfolio site. Translate from From Hungarian to English, checking if the already translated text matches the original.

Language skills required:

Fluency in Hungarian and English. You should expect to cover topics such as macroeconomics (GDP, inflation), finance (budget, monetary policy, FX, bond market), stock market (earnings reports, daily price changes), various industries, therefore the whole nine meters, with focus on economic / financial / commercial issues.

Work time:

That might still be the best part. Absolutely flexible working hours. Mornings/favorite winning mornings. On some days you can “take over” and be responsible for the content of the site.


Residence. Office. Hybrid. You choose.


Work for Hungary’s leading online financial newspaper.

Other skills needed:

Word, Excel, Portfolio admin platform (will teach you).

Applications (with CV) to [email protected], [email protected]

Cover photo: Shutterstock