Read your favorite Japanese comics with Manga Translator in 4 steps

manga translator is an essential Google Chrome extension for any manga lover. This extension allows you to easily translate the content of any Japanese manga on the Internet into English. Although it only supports translation to English, you can translate manga from Japanese, Chinese and even Korean.

Here is how you can use Manga Translator to enjoy your favorite comics in English.

  1. Install the extension

    How to Use Manga Translator Chrome Extension

    Once on the download page, click Add to Chrome. You may need to confirm your browser’s permission to add extensions from the Chrome Web Store, especially if you’re using another Chromium-based browser instead of Google Chrome. The extension will download and install automatically, and you should receive a pop-up telling you that the extension has been successfully added to your browser.

  2. Open manga translator

    How to Use Manga Translator Chrome Extension

    Before using Ismanga, I suggest you open the extension to familiarize yourself with its features. Click on the puzzle piece icon in the top banner of your Chromium-based browser, then tap Manga Translator to open the extension. When the extension opens, you will see a number of features. Most notably, if you sign in with your Google account, you get unlimited basic translation requests and 80 premium translation requests.

  3. find manga

    How to Use Manga Translator Chrome Extension

    The utility is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is head to the raw manga you want to translate. Then you must open extension and enable translation. You should now see a small interface open on the left side of your screen from which you can choose to view the raw manga or a translation. From here you can also choose the language to translate from. Text bubbles in the manga you want to read should start translating automatically.

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