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  • The 6th Vani Foundation Emeritus Translator Award for the year 2022 has been awarded to Arunava Sinha. The main guest, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, said that the art of translation is a difficult art. Translators are cultural ambassadors. They must be respected.

  • The award ceremony was held on March 13, 2022 at 4 p.m. at Mughal Tent of Jaipur Literature Festival. MP and author Dr Shashi Tharoor was featured in the program.

The Vani Foundation and Teamwork Arts presented the Vani Foundation Distinguished Translator Award at the prestigious Jaipur BookMark. The award honors translators of Indian nationality who have consistently and qualitatively facilitated literary and linguistic exchange between at least two Indian or international languages. This award was deemed necessary in light of the lack of current initiatives to encourage direct exchange between Indian and international languages. The award particularly favors translators who have produced a significant body of literature over a long period of time and carries a monetary award of one lakh Indian Rupees (taxes included as per government guidelines), in addition to the trophy and testimonial letter . The award is in its 6th edition in 2022.

The trip so far:

  • Artist Ravi Verma (2015 -2016): Malayalam
  • Anamika (2016-2017): Bhojpuri
  • Rita Kothari (2017-2018): Sindhi
  • Teji Grover (2018 -2019): Hindi
  • Rakhshanda Jalil (2019- 2020): Urdu

Presenting the 6th Vani Foundation Translator Emeritus Award, Dr Shashi Tharoor said it is essential that any literary work be translated and have a good translation so that it can reach readers in more than one language. In such a situation, there is a cultural responsibility on the translator because the translator builds a cultural bridge between more than one language.

The Vani Foundation’s first Distinguished Translator Award for the year 2016 went to Malayalam poet Attoor Ravi Verma. In 2017, this prize was awarded to the eminent translator, poet, writer and critic Dr. Anamika. In 2018, cultural historian and translator Dr. Rita Kothari received this prestigious award and in 2019, this prize was awarded to the eminent poet, storyteller, translator and painter Teji Grover. The Award In 2020, Urdu scholar and critic Dr. Rakhshanda Jalil received the award for her contribution to the world of literary translations.

Namita Gokhale, Founder and Co-Director of the Jaipur Literature Festival and Jury of the Prize said, “There is so much to do in the field of literary translation in the subcontinent, and I know that the nuanced transmutations of Arunava Sinha will bring the many languages ​​and literature of India into a new level of perception and self-awareness.

On the occasion, cultural critic and author Sundeep Bhutoria said, “It is a proud privilege to be part of the jury for the Vani Foundation Emeritus Translator Award 2022 as they are constantly working to promote Indian languages ​​and honor the translators who facilitated literature and linguistics. exchanges between Indian languages. Arunava Sinha, this year’s winner, has translated classic, modern and contemporary fiction and non-fiction into English into Bengali and, in doing so, forged a connection between languages ​​and culture. As someone who also works to promote Indian languages, we believe in Apni Bhasha Apne Log, which also happens to be our Foundation’s slogan which celebrates the confluence of India’s diverse languages, literatures and cultures.

Neeta Gupta, Publishing Consultant, Indian Languages, said, “The word prolific falls short when you talk about a translator with the work of Arunava Sinha. I can’t think of another person who has single-handedly contributed as much to the world of literary translation as him. »