The 4 Best Free Translation Apps for Windows

There is no shortage of translation services that you can access on your phone or computer. The challenge is to find what works best for you.

If you are a Windows user and want dedicated software on your computer, there are free translation apps you should check out. But before you start going through all the apps, learn the best options to explore first.

When it comes to easy-to-use and versatile free translation apps, QTranslate is worth a try. It has its flaws, but it offers many handy tools.

First, the app links up to nine online translators, as well as 11 dictionaries, which you can add. So when working on Windows, instead of going to Google, DeepL or Microsoft individually, you can use them through QTranslate.

The range of languages ​​depends on what each platform can provide, but the overall reach is great. That said, some translators are better than others, in which case you can adjust your dashboard and keep only your favorites.

Along with a highly customizable app, you get other useful tools like the ability to dictate the text you want to render and have the translation proofread to you. Thus, QTranslate is also quite accessible.


To download: QTranslate

If you prefer to install an application directly in your browser, there are translation extensions for that. Mate Translate is a handy little add-on for quick translations when working online.

It was primarily designed for iOS and macOS, but you can also have it on any browser, including Windows. Download and install it for free on your browser.

From there, all you have to do is select text from any webpage except PDFs and click the Mate Translate icon, where the app automatically displays your selection in the language of your choice.

You can also double-click on a word and bring up its translation. The app renders Netflix subtitles and even entire pages for you.

The premium package offers additional tools and settings, but you can already get a lot from the free version. For additional options, take a look at other browser tools for translating web pages and what they can do for Windows users.

To download: Mate Translate

Babylon Translator is also available on QTranslate, but it works best on its own.

It is a very simple application that you can download for free directly from the Microsoft Store. What you get when you launch it is a window where you just paste or type your text and get a translation.

In terms of languages, there are 33 languages ​​to choose from, including Norwegian, Arabic, Somali, and Traditional Chinese. Translations may have minor errors, but they are usually accurate enough in meaning and grammar to help you understand a text.

That’s the extent of the software’s tools, making it a free Windows translation app for minimal hassle. It is a good downloadable alternative to the best and simpler online translators.

To download: Babylon Translator

Fluent Translator is another simplicity-focused translation app for Windows. The free version can render up to ten words from and to dozens of languages, including dialects.

You can also listen to the translation and share it via email or a compatible app such as OneNote. Additional settings can further tailor the app to your tastes.

The Pro version removes ads and word count limit and allows offline view of your translation history. All in all, Fluent Translator has useful basic features to support any project.

If it sometimes misses the mark, you can pair it with more powerful translation tools than Google Translate. See how you can do any job without spending a dime.

To download: Fluid Translator

Use your computer and phone for translations

If you just want to translate a sentence or a webpage here and there without paying anything, make the most of these free translation apps for Windows. They’re not perfect, but each may be just the tool you need right now.

For more demanding tasks, consider investing in their premium versions or choosing higher-end apps. Your smartphone can also be a great help.

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