Top 10 Online Elvish Translator Tools in 2022

Previously, you have discovered the best dwarf translation tools online. You have also learned before the most recommended translation apps for Shakespearean texts and Wingdings font style. We will take you to 10 of the best Elvish translation tools online this time. Keep reading.

1. Flamingo Elvish (Sindarin)

Flamingo Elvish is an application for Android devices that translates English into Elvish. One of the best attributes of this app is that users will not need to register. The user interface of the app is considered immaculate and minimal, but you will encounter ads.

According to various reviews, the app quickly translates long sentences. The app’s algorithm ensures that the words repeat in an optimal order to improve learning. It is also free to use, but some words are only available in the premium option.

2. Runes – Elvish Translator

Unlike the previous translator on this list, Runes – Elvish Translator is a translation app available for iPhone users. However, it works like other Elvish translator tools and is more efficient than most devices. Runes – Elvish Translator features a simple user interface, which includes three choices, namely Elvish, Dwarf and Medium.

You can download the app from the App Store. All translated results are created as an image, and you can save this image to your device and share it.

3. Sindarin Dictionary (+ Phrasebook)

Sindarin Dictionary (+ Phrasebook) is another Elvish translation app but for Android. This app offers some very unique features that none of the other apps on this list offer. By using this application you can not only translate in Elvish but also directly in the language. Could you believe that?

A phrasebook and word search option are also available to help you write fluently in Elvish. This application is available in two versions, paid and free. The free version of this app still has the important features, but the paid tier has more.

4. Elfdict

Not really an application, but Elfdict is a complete platform at your disposal to learn the Elvish language. It offers several other features other than Elvish translations. Some of these features include your Elvish dictionary, phrasebook, pronunciation assistant, and more.

Currently, this platform offers a collection of over 50 phrases, 80,000 words, and 45,000 active words in the Elvish language. Although it is a website, in-app purchases are available.

5. Jens Hansen

Jens Hansen is also a website, an open-source Elvish translator that can help create various Elvish names. It also tells you the meaning of other Elvish phrases and words translated from English. This translator makes it incredibly easy to learn the meaning of an Elvish word in seconds.

Note, however, that there are several methods for representing English words and phrases in Elvish. Also, most people have shown their interest in tattooing their favorite names or phrases in Elvish. If that’s what you need, Jens Hansen is your go-to option.

We have more Elvish translators on this list. Stick around.

6. The Rune Generator – Der Hobbit

The Rune Generator – Der Hobbit is one of the best free online Elvish translators. It may not be automated like Jens Hansen, but still lets you set the size, shading, and shading base. The final generated result is always an aspect ratio.

This platform will create an image of translated Elvish content in seconds. This Elvish translation tool is also very easy to use and can do interpretations easily. The best part is that it’s free to use. However, some users find its use exhilarating as they must simultaneously become social.

7. Funny translations

Suppose you are among those who want to learn something on the go, then this Elvish translation platform is the right choice for you. It ensures that you can speak and translate easily. It is also an offline application, so you can also use it without your internet connection.

Its most exciting feature is that it shows the word in both Elvish usages and languages. Also, after the translation, it will repeat the word in an elvish voice for you. Doesn’t that sound incredible to you? Moreover, it even allows you to represent your feelings in the Elvish language.

8. English to Elvish Translator – Angelfire

Angelfire is touted as the most efficient and valuable among all the Elvish translators mentioned above. This translation tool is a one-page English to Elvish translator that helps users complete their interpreting work. It is the most direct interpreter and translator available online.

Not only these, but this translator website is also very easy to use. It allows users to quickly enter the word or phrase they wish to translate. Angelfire may not always be one of the most readily available translators, but with its basic user interface and an extraordinary amount of Elvish content, it’s well worth checking out.

9. Common to Elvish (D&D) Translator – LingoJam

On the other hand, Common to Elvish (D&D) Translator – LingoJam is a general translation tool that easily translates your phrases and expressions into Elvish. You can use this translator without registering on the platform. It is very intuitive and has an easy to use interface, making it one of the best Elvish translator tools available on the internet.

Just type or paste the phrase you want to translate into English. The translator will then translate the result into the Elvish language without giving you any errors. You can use LingoJam for free, but you need a valid internet connection for it to work properly.

10. is a website designed to offer free translation in the Elvish language. It has a free database feature that offers fanfiction writers and writers help when they need to use the Elvish language. A list of all free content is available on the site’s home page. also offers phrasebooks with a list of useful phrases. Naming traditions and lists are also available based on their ethnicity and species. Additionally, a pronunciation guide is available to teach us and fans how to correctly pronounce names and phrases in Elvish.