Why Mahogany uses a translator to speak with Ben

Mahogany Roca and Ben Rathbun often use a translation app to communicate on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days despite being fluent in English.

90 day fiancé: before 90 days fans are mistaken for Mahogany Roca using a translation app with Ben Rathbun when she appears to be fluent in English. Mahogany, 22, and Ben, 52, met online when she saw his shirtless model photos and sent him a friend request. A father of four, Ben fell head over heels in love with Mahogany who is as old as his eldest daughter and thought it was all part of God’s plan because of their shared love for the Lord. Although Ben ignored the obvious filters on Mahogany’s photos, he also discovered that she lied to him about many things when they finally met in Peru. Ben said 90 day fiance viewers that Mahogany’s English isn’t perfect, but that also ended up being a lie.


Mahogany charmed Ben by talking about their future together and how she will love him like no one has ever loved before. Former pastor Ben claimed Mahogany touched a nerve saying that and described her as his “world” and his “future wife.” However, Mahogany didn’t feel the same way in person, which came as a shock to Ben. She refused to acknowledge Ben as her boyfriend and concluded that Ben was the one who was “differentwhen they texted. In a recent episode of Before 90 daysso much more immaturefor his age. Mahogany wanted out of their relationship and Ben explained how “crushed” it made him feel.

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Interestingly enough, this conversation happened through a translator app on Ben’s phone. Along with translating his words, the app also converted what he said in English into Spanish for Mahogany to understand. Fans found it amusing how Mahogany reacted to what Ben was saying in English himself, which proved that she didn’t need the app to hear her thoughts in Spanish. There was even a moment in the conversation where Mahogany corrected the translator. On top of that, Mahogany was also responding to Ben in English after the translator had done his job. If there was a problem with Mahogany not being fluent in the language, she also used the word “ironic” correctly during the confessional and drops his accent whenever necessary. One of the reasons Ben and Mahogany use the translator according to fans is that their screenplay is scripted.

Ben Rathbun on 90 Day Fiance Before 90 Days

90 day fiance is known for featuring couples with a language barrier. Overall, many more couples in the season use a translator app. Alas, Mahogany and Ben are comfortable talking to each other in English, unlike the others. It could be that Mahogany lied to Ben about not knowing English, just like she did about his age when they were talking. But now that she’s met him, she struggles to sustain a potential lie. Amidst many other obvious, gaping holes in her story that Ben chooses to ignore, he might also be so blindsided by mahogany that he didn’t realize how good she is with her tongue.

Fans are mostly leaning towards the theory that Mahogany is a plant producer who just happens to be a bad actress. Still, fans are under the impression that TLC is allowing Ben and Mahogany to use the app in order to test their intelligence. Ben and Mahogany’s story, which started out as something fans couldn’t wait to watch 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days, is now infuriating because it looks completely fabricated. It is suspected that Ben and Mahogany met before their first meeting on the show and that there is absolutely no tension between them since they are together in real time. Also, Mahogany greeting Ben with a “Salvation” and responding to him with a “Salvation” further shows how much their 90 day fiance the plot is.

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