Zingword begins validating the entire translator database

Professional translation services are undergoing a massive paradigm shift. Trust between translation industry players seems to have been deeply shaken due to the practices of declining payments, lack of security and the rapid pace of demand in recent decades compared to the long-term strategies needed to ensure reliability between translators and their clients. .

In defiance of this trend and in a game-changing move, Zingword has taken a step towards increased trust within the industry and now validates all translators featured on the platform. The validation process, conducted in partnership with Spanish language and data company Ricaris, consists of a manual assessment, identity verification, and background check of the data presented in each translator profile on Zingword. This helps to ensure that the platform remains a space of pure professionalism, where translation clients and language service providers can feel confident in their selections without having to question the quality of service or the reliability of the provider.

Zingword strives to achieve a single level of quality in which each translator is a validated professional. Likewise, as the platform moves away from generalized searches toward more specific, project-based matching, validation helps ensure that search ranking results are accurate for clients. It is also a step forward in the fight against translation scams and offers of illegitimate online services. Zingword takes reliability and security seriously and understands the needs of translators and customers.

According to Zingword CEO Robert Rogge, trust is one of the key factors in getting everyone in the translation industry back on track: “Our goal is to help clients find their ideal translator candidates. and build trust as quickly as possible. Having a process dedicated solely to ensuring the reliability of self-represented translators is only a first step, but it is an important one – weeding out scammers and bad faith actors will help true professionalism shine, paving the way for client features that we will soon be showcasing.

Ricaris shares the same philosophy: “As a company offering multilingual services, quality and trust have always been at the heart of Ricaris’ business practices. We were thrilled to join Zingword as partners in this process,” says Ricardo Atehortúa, Director of Marketing and Sales at Ricaris. “Their validation strategy ensures easy access to translators and transparency between both sides of the equation, which can only benefit the industry as a whole.”

Translation customers can request more information about Zingword’s upcoming features for vendor management here.